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07 4693 2233

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98-100 Yandilla Street, Pittsworth, QLD, 4356

pittsworth vet surgery phone details - Right Business Hours

07 4693 2233

pittsworth vet surgery emergency phone number right After Hours

0429 932 233

Cattle Veterinary Services

Keeping Your Cattle Feeling

Udd-erly Amazing

Our Cattle Veterinarians provide a range of preventative and diagnostic cattle health services to keep your herd performing at their best.

We offer the Highest Quality Aftercare Support to all our patients and clients.

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Cattle Herd Health

The inclusion of a cattle vet as an integral part of your production line is a great way to ensure your herd is performing at its optimal level.  We provide a range of Herd Health services for Beef, Feedlot and Dairy Herds including:

  • Disease Testing and Surveillance for diseases such as Pestivirus, Johnes Disease, Investigation of Reproductive Failure
  • Calf Health
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Obstetrical / Calving Emergencies and Caesareans – Read more about the Calving Process and Common Calving Difficulties
  • Hoof Surgery
  • Lameness Evaluations
  • Mastitis

Read more with our Dairy Herd Health Services here.

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Pregnancy Testing

Our Preg Testing services will allow you to monitor the breeding efficiency of your herd. Finding problems early and with removal of non breeders is a great way to increase your profitability.

ACV PregCheck qualifiedWe are also ACV PREgCHECK accredited for any of your ACV tagging requirements.

Read more about our Pregnancy Testing Services here.

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Bull Semen Testing and Morphology

Get confidence that your bulls have the required semen quality to have your cows fertile in minimum time, saving you time and money. We conduct a range of tests other than just semen quality to ensure your bulls are doing the job you need from them.

Read more about our Bull Semen Evaluation Services here.

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Cattle Artificial Insemination (AI)

Cattle Artificial Insemination is an effective way to increase productivity and profitability by increasing the quality of the genetics in the herd, to get the desired production traits.

Give us a call to discuss Cattle AI and Synchronisation programs – We have a number of straws available to purchase for a range of breeds. 

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Routine Husbandry

Routine cattle husbandry services are an essential component of herd operation for adherance to animal food and welfare standards, and to allow for safe management of cattle. We offer the following husbandry services for cattle:

  • Castration
  • Dehorning – Cosmetic Dehorning Available
  • Vaccinations and Worming
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General Veterinary Diagnosis and Treatment

Unfortunately we can’t prevent all of the illnesses we commonly see in cattle herds. We offer a general diagnosis and treatment service to get your animals back to happy and healthy with the following conditions most commonly seen in our area:

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Vaccinations and Boosters

When vaccines are used correctly, they can reduce animal losses substantially through prevention of disease in your animals. There are different types of vaccines:

  • Anti-toxins: They are not vaccines however provide immediate but short-term protection against a disease.
  • Inactivated Vaccines: Need booster doses to maintain immunity.
  • Live vaccines: Give long immunity after a single dose.

When deciding on a livestock vaccination program, you should:

  1. Select the right vaccine for your needs
  2. Buy only what you need
  3. Use sterile and safe equipment
  4. Read instructions on correct administration of the vaccine
  5. Keep people safe and use the right storage/ disposal methods.

Recommended cattle vaccinations for Pittsworth and surrounds:


  • BEF – 3 day sickness (Bovine Ephemeral Fever)
  • Ultravac 5 in 1 (Pulpy Kidney, Tetanus, Black Disease, Malignant Oedema and Black Leg)
  • Ultravac 7 in 1 (5 in 1 plus Lepto. Pomona and Lepto. hardjo)
  • Piliguard (Pink Eye)
  • Tick Fever (B.bovis, B.bigemina & A.marginale) – Tick Fever Vaccination is only needed if going into an area that has cattle tick.  This vaccine is ordered through the tick fever centre and delivered to the vets chilled.  The vaccine needs to be used within 2 days of arrival. 
  • Vibrovax (Vibrosis)
  • Pestigard (Bovine Pestivirus)

24 Hour Emergency Cattle Vet Services are available via call out

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